RED - Early Bird Group

From ages 5-8. These athletes are beginners, who are building basic coordination skills and social skills. They use bigger/softer balls, smaller racquets,  and smaller courts.

Our "RED PLAYERS" are focused on:

  • Basic coordination skills.
  • Following directions.
  • Trying to not fall down.
  • Having Fun!

Orange - Play Tennis Fast Group

For ages 7-10. These athletes are at an age where they can learn to play very quickly! A shortened format, balls, racquets, and courts that are the right size for them.

Our "ORANGE PLAYERS"  are focused on:

  • Improving coordination skills.
  • Basic athletic skills.
  • Basic Fundementals.
  • Learning to rally.
  • Learning how to keep score.
  • Having Fun!

Green - Competition Group

For ages 10-14. This group focuses heavily on growth through play as they continue to develop fundementals. By age 9 athletes can quickly get into competing.

Our "GREEN PLAYERS" are focused on:

  • Improving athletic skills.
  • Improving tennis specific fundamentals.
  • Understanding the game.
  • Competing Consistently.
  • Having Fun!


Yellow - Warrior Group

For ages 12-18. This group is for athletes who have learned fundamentals and are looking to improve their skills. These athletes should be competing regularly. There is no replacement for competitive matches. These are a necessity to become a good tennis player.

Our "YELLOW PLAYERS" are focused on:

  • Improving tennis specific skills.
  • Becoming a better all around athlete.
  • Learning strategy and having a deeper understanding of the game.
  • Raising their level of play through consistent practice.
  • Growing through competition.
  • Having Fun!